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You have a goal in mind. Premium will help you reach that goal with a tailor-made path, custom content, and a personal mentor to guide you every step of the way. Take your learning to the next level with Codecademy Premium.

Personalized journey from start to finish

Learning to code isn't one size fits all. Reach your objective on your own schedule with fewer headaches. 

Premium is the most efficient way to go from learning to your real-world outcome. Bootcamps are inflexible and expensive. DIY tutorial surfing is tedious and unreliable. We made Codecademy Premium to bridge that gap.

What you get:

     6 months of personal training at your pace

     Personal 1-on-1 mentor

     Customized structure, unique curriculum

     Access to a community of Premium peers

     Daily Q&A sessions with a code expert

     Certificate of completion 

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Work on your real-world project with 1-on-1 help when you need it.

You're not in this alone. Our experts will guide you from just started to mission accomplished.

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What is Codecademy Premium?

6 months of personal training for only $1,000

Mentorship at every step

Build what you need

Mentorship at every step

You'll be paired with one of our expert mentors to guide you on your journey.  With regular 1-on-1 sessions, thoughtful adjustments to your path, and timely feedback on your work, they’ll help you reach your goal.

Some of our amazing mentors:

Different experiences for different people

With the help of your mentor, you’ll shape your own learning experience to fit your goals. Here are some of the most common ways people take advantage of Codecademy Premium:

Are you an entrepreneur starting your own company, or do you just want to turn your idea into reality? Get direction on what you need to do to make it happen, whatever it is.

Build your own



Data Scientist
American Institutes for Research


VR/AR Software Engineer
Comcast Innovation Labs


Software Engineer

Feedback from an expert is critical in learning something as challenging as web development, and everything that I've done up until now was lacking that component.

Start a career as

a programmer

Avoid the costs of bootcamps and the guesswork of going solo. Pair with a mentor, gain the right skills, and switch careers – with support from zero to job.

Add new skills to your


Maybe you have some foundational knowledge, but you’re looking to upgrade your career with new skills. Your mentor will help you along a unique path just for you.


Building his business idea

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