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In this program, you'll learn to build interactive web applications with the same technologies that professional React developers use to build sites like Netflix, Airbnb, and even Codecademy.

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The 10 hour workload for each unit is as flexible as you are, though we encourage you to complete one unit each week to keep up with your peers and stay on track.

We designed a program that we think you'll love. If Codecademy Pro Intensive isn’t right for you, you can request a full refund in the first two weeks.

Build Front-End Apps from Scratch

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September 17

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September 19

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November 14



Experience with HTML, CSS, Command Line, and text editors is recommended, but not required. The program is available only in English.


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Enrollments Close September 17

Build Front-End Web Apps


Front-end skills are now in high demand for developers, designers, marketers, and PMs. Learn JavaScript and ReactJS, a new technology that powers apps like Netflix and Airbnb. You'll build three interactive web apps of your own in just 8 weeks.

Enrollments Close September 17
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Average salary for professionals who can build websites.

Average salary for professionals who know React or Rails.

What you'll learn in 
Build Front-End Apps from Scratch

This program will teach you all the necessary skills you need to build interactive web applications with JavaScript and ReactJS. In just 8 weeks, you will understand and utilize the rich and powerful library that is revolutionizing front-end development by completing 4 real-world projects on your own.

Week 1

JavaScript Part I

JavaScript Part II

JavaScript Part III

Introduction to ReactJS

React: Components & State

React: Using APIs

Capstone | React App

Capstone | Technical Design

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8









Project: Minesweeper Part I

Learn the basics of using JavaScript on the web.

Project: Minesweeper Part II

Learn how to create working JavaScript programs. 

Project: Minesweeper Part III

Learn best practices and show off your new skills. 

Dive in to React and explore its powerful component system.

Project: Yelp Part I

Learn how components interact in your React apps. 

Project: Yelp Part II

Project: Yelp Part III

Learn how to make your app communicate with an API.

Put your skills to use. Build a fully functional web app.

Project: Spotify Part I

Learn to write a feature request and build it yourself.

Project: Spotify Feature

ReactJS is quickly becoming the top choice for front-end developers at tech startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Job opportunities are plentiful, and React developers earn some of the highest salaries among front-end devs.

Why Learn React?

React isn't only a great skill for developers. Learning how the library works will soon be critical for all members of product teams.

“Learning to code has simply transformed how I do my job.” 

Jorge | Intensive Alumnus

“Understanding code helps me be a leader, not just a manager.” 

Loren | Intensive Alumnus

“After this Intensive I'm more versatile and valuable.” 

Kelly | Intensive Alumnus

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